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Configure the WebCenter Portal application

How do you like our first page? Some nice stuff, don't you think?

Let's do some more magic... Close the browser and go back to JDeveloper. Right click on the Portal project and select Run. You'll notice that this time your portal pops up faster than the first time.

Keeping runtime customizations

But... What happend to the Welcome page? It's gone! Even when you log in and go the resource manager, the home page is the only page you'll see. Alright, it's not really magic because if it would be, I could bring the page back which I can't. Let me first talk a bit about the architecture of WebCenter and the runtime customizations. ADF (and WebCenter) has an additional component since 11g called the MDS (MetaDataServices). The MDS is a repository that stores all the customizations. The page we just created at runtime is not stored in the project folder of JDeveloper but is instead stored in the MDS. The MDS is quiet complex and works with layer to build a composite of the page. I will not go into much detail for now (but will do later on in the tutorial). By default JDeveloper will clean the runtime customization when we press the run button. This is because we are working on a development environment and every run we can start with a fresh portal.

I'm just going to show you how to disable this feature so if you ever need this, you'll now where to find it. In this tutorial we will create all the pages and other resources in Jdeveloper, not at runtime so we don't need to keep the runtime customizations.

From the Application menu select Application Properties.
Open the Run node and select MDS.

Select Preserve customizations across application runs if you wish to keep the customizations.

Now just press cancel because we don't want to keep the runtime customizations for this tutorial.

Change the Context Root of the application

You might notice the rather long URL when you run the portal. If should look something like this:

Of course this is not really usefull for us and we want to change it:

Right click on the Portal project and select Project Properties

Select the Java EE Application node
Delete the -Portal-context-root part from the Java EE Web context root field:

Press OK and run the portal again.

You'll notice a much friendlier URL: http://localhost:7101/ViePortal/faces/pages_home

This conclude the first part of the portal. Below you can find the project as it should be by the end of this part.


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