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WebCenter PS4 has been released

Just a few months after the big update for WebCenter, Oracle has released another patchset. This will bring your WebCenter up to version
This update does not seem to be that significant compared to patchset 3. The release notes do not offer a lot of new features but here are some changes in this patchset:

  • Overall performance and stress tolerance improvements
  • Activity Stream performance enhancements
  • Document approval work flow fixes
  • JSF Portlet Bridge bug fixes
  • Accessibility bug fixes

As you can see, most of the effort went into fixing bugs and performance issues. A good thing because performance is always very important for a product like WebCenter.

I haven't tried it yet but I realy hope the JSF Portlet Bridge bug fixes is all about the annoying bug i get when I try to do a full page post instead of partial page rendering. ADF portlets just does not seem to work in PS3. I realy hope they fixed it in this release.

I soon will be installing this version and will keep you guys posted on the changes.

You can download the latest version from OTN:


Hello Yannick,
We have JSF 1.2 applications and we want to use JSF Portlet Bridge to expose them as portlets so I´m going to start a prove o concept using JSF Portlet Bridge.
I would like your help, what are the main bugs/ issues / limitations that you faced? Do you know any document about that? *We are using the latest version of WebCenter (, I bought your e-book (WebCenter PS3) today :)

The biggest bug i noticed was that i was not able to do a post from my portlet using the portlet bridge... When i was using ajax, everything was fine but as soon as i posted the complete form so it got posted to the portletResponse, the bridge failed but this should be resolved in the version you are using.

That's the only major bug. The rest all more limitations related to ADF portlets. You are using JSF portlets without using the ADF components? I don't know if these limitations also apply to regular JSF portlets but webcenter always renders JSF portlets in an iframe which causes limitations on the way you design portlets.

What are you using as rich faces libraries? ADF, icefaces, primefaces,...?

Thanks very much for your reply.

We are starting the tests, so we did not define all framework (libraries). Would you like to suggest a good rich faces library?

Hi yannick,

Is there a way to do partial page refresh for the custom navigation in webcenter.
If so, can you please let us know.

What do you mean exactly? Change the page by using PPR?
I'm not sure why you should do this...

Hi ,

I am newbie to webcenter, Can we do all development and customization on webcenter spaces it self , if so what is the need for custom webcenter application.Can you please help me understanding the same. I have to suggest a client regarding the same.

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