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Configuring WebCenter Content for WebCenter Spaces PS5

WebCenter PS5 has been released for a while now and people who have done some extensive testing probably know that there are some issues with content integration.

When Oracle releases a patch set, it releases it for all of the products within a stack. This means that at the same time of the WebCenter Portal PS5, WebCenter Content got his patch set as well. That patch set replaced the folders_g component with the FrameworkFolders component which has more benefits over the folders_g. Especially when it comes to performance.

There is just one slight problem with this change and that is that WebCenter Portal/Spaces is not yet ready for this change. it still uses services that are only available in the folders_g component and not in the FrameworkFolders component.

When you create a connection in JDeveloper or WebCenter Spaces you might see an error message on the screen that the Document Service is not available. When you investigate the error logs you might find an error like this:

oracle.stellent.ridc.protocol.ServiceException: No service defined for COLLECTION_GET_ADMIN_MARKED_CONFIG.

Depending on what you are doing the name of the service might change but in the end, the RIDC API cannot find the service. This is because the FrameworkFolders component does not have the same interface as the folders_g component and WebCenter Portal/Spaces hasn't been changed to use the FrameworkFolders.

In order to resolve this, we need to enable folders_g in UCM and disable the FrameworkFolder component because it is not supported to have them both enabled at the same time.

Login to UCM with an admin user and select Admin Server in the administration section:

Select Component Manager on the left hand side and click on advanced component manager to have more control. In the basic component manager, the folders_g component is not listed so we need to go the advanced manager

In the Enabled Components list, select FrameworkFolders and disable it.

From the disabled list, select folders_g and enable it.

This is the list of my enabled components after a vanilla install with just a swap from FrameworkFolders to folders_g:

The only thing left for us to do is to restart the content server. We don't need to restart Spaces.


Good article Yannick. Afaik, Folders_g is still the default for any WCC PS5 upgrade, so caveat only with new installs and where WCP will be added afterwards on top of an existing WCC PS5.

Thanks. I haven't tried upgrading. It's good to know that an upgrade sticks with folders_g. I was wondering about that use case though :)

it is helpful information, hopefully oracle will release bugfixe for this

What is the difference between Folder_g and FrameworkFolders. Can you point me to a document that can explain the details and difference of both.
Is FrameworkFolders better than Folder_g?

I don't have any documentation about that but I know that FrameworkFolders is better than folders_g because there are quite some issues with the folders_g component when you have a folder with thousands of files.
Performance is really bad on those large folders.
This is one the main differences between FrameworkFolders. The new components resolves all of these issues.

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