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Inter Portlet Communication with ADF portlets

This paper is written based upon WebCenter (PS2). I will revisit this for WebCenter (PS3) in the future In a modern Enterprise 2.0 portal you will find the need to let 2 portlets communicate with each other. Because you are working with webcenter, the change is big you also are creating ADF portlets instead of normal JSP portlets. Webcenter currently does not implement the JSR286 standard which describes how to communicate between portlets. Instead of JSR286, Oracle has chosen to implement their own system to build interportlet communication (IPC) using an extension on the portlet.xml called oracle-portlet.xml. In the white paper below you will find the steps needed to create ADF portlets that can communicate with each other. It will describe how we can wire portlets together, both in design time and runtime.


Please explain how to make interportlet communication work with PS3.

In short... It's OOTB because you use JSR 286 and WSRP 2.0.
When you create two portlets and they both use the same parameter than WebCenter takes care of all the wiring and you don't need to do anything...
When i find some time i will update the paper or write a new one that shows you in detail how to achieve this.

HI yannick

i was following the pdf , i ve 11.1.14 version webcenter ... i do not find jsr 168 option in portelt making , when i select 286 , i don not see inter communication check box after finish i don see oracle_portlet.xml ... is there anyspecial change in this version or m ' i missing something?

I realy need to write a new paper that explains the details of IPC in WebCenter PS 3 :)
You are not missing anything. WebCenter PS3 ( does not longer have JSR168 portlets. It now supports the new portlet standard (JSR286). This standard does not need to have an oracle-portlet because inter portlet communication is an out of the box feature of JSR 286 portlets. When you add parameters to your portlet.xml and use it in portlets, then Webcenter will automaticly wire those portlets together. IPC is now much more easy. You do not need to implement anything special.

When i find some time i will write a new paper about this.

Hi Yannick,

Hope you could write a paper for PS3.

I bought a book Oracle Webcenter 11G Handbook but made a mistake. It was really different from the current PS3.

I will regularly check your blogs. More support for you

You should buy this book:
The only book available about the new version of WebCenter.

Thank you for the post and sharing such useful information .
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