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ADF Tutorial


In this series of tutorials I will focus on the basic ADF concepts. One of the reasons why I create this separate tutorial is that ADF is just too big to cover in a single section in the WebCenter tutorial.

During WebCenter trainings I gave I noticed that people know WebCenter but often miss the basic concepts about ADF like business components, taskflows, binding layer, data control and so on. Because of this I believe it will be helpful for the WebCenter developer to understand ADF better.

ADF is the foundation of WebCenter so it is really important for every WebCenter developer to understand the concepts and this is often missing in their skill set. I hope this tutorial will reduce this gap.

Because this tutorial is a spin off from the WebCenter tutorial, we will work in the same domain which means that we will be building a back-end system for the VIE portal where people can manage subscription for courses, basic HR management from teachers and so on.

We will also be using and integrating these functionalities in the WebCenter tutorial but this will be a section dedicated to the integration in a section in the WebCenter tutorial.

I will also mainly focus on the topics that are important for the WebCenter developer. Therefore I will not use JDeveloper 11g R2 but I will stick to JDev 11g R1 in order to comply for WebCenter.


  • JDeveloper 11g PS3 or higher. I will use JDeveloper
  • Oracle Database (10g,11g or even Oracle XE will do)


Notice that the contents below is not final! I can always use your feedback. If you see topics missing and you really want me to cover it, jsut leave a comment.

I will add more chapters when I come up with ideas about writing them. If you have ideas, just let me know in the comments.


Good to hear, we will wait for the book release

Hi Yannick,

there is a very good tutorial on ADF here if you want to add some content/ get inspiration for your tutorials :)

I really like the way you're explaining WebCenter and ADF in your tutorials, I hope this will help you build them faster and give you new ideas :)


Thanks for the link. I already knew about that tutorial and it's a great one.

I really thought about not writing an ADF tutorial because the Oracle tutorials are so great.
The reason why I am writing it is because I believe it provides additional value for the Webcenter tutorial. Almost any WebCenter developer will have to build transactional taskflows and they often don't have the reflex of checking that ADF tutorial. Those tutorials are also optimized for JDev R2 and webcenter is not compatible with that version so my tutorial is more focussed for the WebCenter developer.

Based upon that I decided to write my own tutorial.

Hope you like it :)

I'm also developping with WebCenter and it is sometimes hard to find the links between WebCenter and the external material we can add to this type of project. I really like your tutorials, because you explain these links between the different parts. I sent you this link, because I found it very interesting (for the ADF part) and I wanted to know how I could put these ADF files in a WebCenter project in a easy way.

I really enjoy your tutorials and I sent you this link to help you for your tutorial, not to tell you there was another one ;)

Continue your good work, it is really appreciated :)

In webcenter only 6 chapters are completed... rest of the 6 does not have hyperlinks to access them... r u in the process of completing those posts. by when can we access those

Those other chapters have to be completed.
The other chapters are just an idea of what the contents of the tutorial will look like. When I progress, the outline of the tutorial changes depending on ideas and so on.
Remember that it takes quite a lot of time to write each chapter and I do it in my free time so that's why it sometimes takes a little longer for writing a chapter.

My intention was to write only a single chapter about ADF in the WebCenter tutorial but because of the large topics I decided to make a separate one and link them together.

Ok Thanks for the reply. These are very useful topics for someone to get started on webcenter. Really greatwork bro Much appreciated

We are eagerly waiting for second part

I just finished part 7 of the WebCenter tutorial. Now I am going to focus on the ADF tutorial part 2.
Remember that I do all this in my free time...


I want to know if it can be possible to post how to add/deploy the ADF project to WebCenter before the end of this tutorial. I know that it is the goal of the tutorial, but it would be really useful to know it in advance, for those who learn fast ;)


I already explained this in the WebCenter tutorial:

Very Very good blog, its step by step with description about various components, waiting for the next chapters eagerly, this was really useful.
thanks a lot!!

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